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The project

This project focused on a fabulous top-floor city apartment, that spanned across two buildings, in central London. It had a desirable roof terrace, with stunning views across the cityscape. However, the apartment was in great need of a full refurbishment to match its stunning aspect, plus it needed a new staircase to replace the existing unsafe and very tight spiral staircase

How the homebuilding essentials team helped

The apartment's owner is Mr F. When we met, he was just leaving the UK to work abroad, therefore wanted to use his time away to get the work done; give the place a good facelift, and then rent the property out prior to his future return. So, we go to work with the Plan It stage. This involved communicating with a number of other people in the same block, because the work would inevitably affect a lot of other people living in the building - especially as the apartment was located on the top floor! This stage involved arranging for consent for work to be done with the managing agents, which was duly granted, and we specified all the materials, prepared a scope of works, and worked with the building contractor to deliver this logistically rather complicated project on time and on budget.

homebuilding essentials says

If you live in an apartment block, and you want to carry out any remodelling work, it's essential that you plan early. Always make contact with your managing agent or freeholder and discuss your intentions before you start to spend any money on professional fees or design drawings. You will need to ask what the managing agent's requirements are, and if you're making alterations to the layout or openings in walls, you'll need to arrange for a licence of alteration.

Your first questions to the managing agent should be: "What is your internal process for this, and how long does it typically take?" Now, in our experience this depends on the complexity of your build and the efficiency of the managing agent, as well as the professionals involved and your efforts to stay on top of the process. Once you have the advice of the managing agents you can then start with the design work, and the best place to start is by forming your team of design professionals.

Working in apartment blocks isn't necessarily difficult, however the Plan It stage can take a long time, so once you have the information needed from your managing agent you can set about planning your journey ahead with our project tracker.

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