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The project

The project was a full refurbishment of a family house, with major structural works, and a new extension over the double garage, owned by Mr and Mrs S, located in Surrey. The owners had started the Plan It phase and had some planning drawings done already for an extension and related structural drawings. They had some ideas for the layout of the house but needed inspiration from an architect, plus help in leading the design process, finding a trusted builder, and managing the build process.

How the homebuilding essentials team helped

We introduced Mr and Mrs S to an architect who helped with creative design and options for alternative layouts, before they decided on a final floorplan. The design was then developed, with materials, fixtures and fittings being specified. We worked with no fewer than seven specialist suppliers, including kitchen, bathroom, roofing and plastering specialists co-ordinating their input at the Plan It and Build It stages. One of our recommendations was to have a bespoke staircase made, and the result was stunning. See Kevala staircase experts in our supplier directory. We also prepared a detailed scope of works, tendered the project out to contractors to get the best price, agreed a build programme, and prepared and arranged signing of the contract.

homebuilding essentials says

It’s usual for homeowners to have a preference of certain products being supplied and fitted by specialists, and this is straightforward to include in the Plan It stage but needs very careful alignment with your builder during the Build It stage. Also, the more specialists you add, the more complex the process becomes. So our tip is to always make sure discuss your thoughts and aims with your builder during the pricing stage.

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