Front door access only!

The project

Our client was looking to buy a mid-terraced house and have a basement excavation done for a home cinema and utility room, plus a rear extension, loft conversion and full house refurbishment. It was quite a project!

How the homebuilding essentials team helped

When we met, we advised our client, pre-purchase, on work that could be carried out, the likely cost and the implications on time and professionals that would be needed for the project. We then got to work to Plan It, and introduced the design team to the owner, achieving planning consent, and agreeing the necessities with neighbours - which took some time due to major excavation work and structural remodelling required. The project was logistically challenging because the only access point for the build was the front door, which led straight onto a narrow pavement on a junction, and on a one-way street which made deliveries, rubbish removal, and parking all pretty difficult.

homebuilding essentials says

This was a logistically complex build, but nothing is beyond reality. Once complete, the work was entirely worth it; the project proved a great success, the property achieving one of the highest values on the street, and it was featured in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine.

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