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Your design team

Our professional team is made up of architectural technologists, structural engineers, party wall surveyors, estimators, interior designers and building control expertise all ready to help you now.

For the first time as a UK homeowner you have the opportunity to appoint our design team individually or collectively to get your homebuilding project off to a flying start.

This team of experts will draw-up and prepare your building plans for planning approval; and we work with them already on our own projects, so they come highly recommended!

Our design team will charge the usual, additional professional services fees for their work of course, and at very competitive rates. By using our team you’ll know they’re tried, trusted professionals. Plus, they’ll have direct online access to all your plans and project tracker tools, helping your project run smoothly.

If, however, you’ve already appointed your preferred architect and design team members, that’s not a problem. You’ll still gain from having access to all the other homebuilding essentials benefits, including know-how through our AskMyPM service for that valued second opinion, plus our factsheets and tracker tools.

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Your design team includes:

  • Award-winning architects

    to prepare your planning drawings and submit your planning application

  • Market-leading estimators

    to provide you with a budget cost so you can plan your finances

  • Trustworthy structural engineers

    to design your structure so it gets approval from building control

  • Party wall experts

    to advise you on the best way forward to maintain neighbourly harmony

  • Building control inspectors

    friendly and helpful, they'll check your design before you get a quote from a building contractor

  • Leading interior designers

    they'll  work to your brief and creatively transform your new space into something special

  • Health and safety

    to keep you aware of your duties and keep people on your your site safe and well-protected

Use the homebuilding essentials website to meet and appoint your design team and manage their activities. You can also use it to access all your project documents online so it's easy to share and collaborate. This tested and trustworthy project management system has been built and refined by our hands-on experience - let it help your project, too!

The professional project manager site visit service can give you:

  • An independent site report

    You’ll get an objective view on the progress of your building site against your build programme, and a professional opinion on how the building is going, in accordance with your construction drawings, plus general observations about site conditions.

  • A staged payment review

    We can visit your site when your building contractor has asked for a payment, to check work that’s been carried out against your project’s scope of works. We’ll confirm the work stage has been met, and whether the request for payment is correct, and provide any additional comment accordingly if further actions are required.

  • Site meetings

    If you have a site meeting coming up with your building contractor, we can attend and support you, either by leading the meeting and setting the agenda, or simply by providing independent input and writing-up meeting notes so that all actions that need to be taken are properly documented.

As independent project managers, we’ll take on this role and impart our valuable experience at site meetings, such as providing solutions to problems, suggesting alternative actions, or recommending contacts who can help if you’ve hit a glitch. Just let us know how we can help, and we’ll prepare you a bespoke quotation. It’s a straightforward, simple and effective way to be sure that your project is going to plan.

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