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Site Monitoring - Cost Control Pack

Get a professional view of your site & pay your builders accurately.

If you feel you’d like some added support, in the form of a site visit by an experienced, professional property development project manager, we can help. One of our professional project managers can pay one or more visits to your site, to monitor the work being done, and check that your project is on-track – providing you with that invaluable extra peace of mind.

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Cost control pack includes

  • Site visit (see options below)
  • Review the builders request for payment
    (we check the progress on site against the agreed contract pricing document. We also check materials on site and any supporting documents with the payment request)
  • Provide you the homeowner and the builder with our written comment and recommendation (note, we do not engage in negotiation within this service pack)
  • Update the project cost control document
  • Include any cost changes agreed between you and the client in a cost control document

A few key points

  • Experienced eyes and ears helping you
  • Reducing risk
  • Paying your builder the right amount
  • Paying your builder on time
  • Avoid pitfalls by looking ahead
  • Unique service to help homeowners
  • Pay as you go
  • Cost effective project management for everyone

  • Advice you can trust.

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